The Three kinds of Membership:

  • Student Membership - As long a you enrolled in a Bachelor or Master at Physics at UCPH, or graduated a bachelor at Physics at UCPH but have choosen to study the Master at another University, you can become a menber for free.
  • Alumni Membership - If you have graduated a bachelor or master at Physics at UCPH, you can become a member for 200 DKK pr. year.
  • VIP-membership - If you have a relation to Physics at UCPH, you can become this kind of member. This kind of membership is to compare with 'Alumni Membership' and equivalently a menbership subscribtion at 200 DKK pr. year.

Note that there is a 50 % discount for the first year when you apply after June 30th.

To become a member of the association, you must fill the form here:


The membership fee should be transfered by MobilePay

Phone: 61326

or to the following account:

Reg. Nr. 9570, Acc. Nr. 11989772

Remember to put your name on the transfer!